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Testing rooms
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At Opticians at Home we take a personal, unhurried approach
to the eye health and vision examination for both children
and adults. Each Exam is customized by our team of qualified
optometrists providing excellence in patient care.
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A thorough eye exam can be conducted without
the necessity of dilation However there are a few
instances when we will recommend to dilate you.
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All diabetic patients should expect to be dilated as
a precaution. Small changes in the back of the eye
caused by diabetes, which can lead to blindness
if not treated, are more easily detected after dilatation.
GOC Member/COO Member/AOP Member/NHS Registered (opticians)

Qualifed Optometrists / Opticians
At Opticians at Home Ltd, you can be sure that for all aspects
of your Eyecare from initial eye examination through the
fitting of finished Spectacles and Contact Lenses, you will
be seen and advised by an optometrist (Ophthalmic Optician)
who is fully Qualified and Registered with the General
Optical Council, The College of Optometrists, The
Association of Optometrists, The North East Contact
Lenses Society and The Local Health Authority.
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Our aim is to perform eye examinations to the highest
possible standards using the latest optical equipment
checking for conditions such as Diabetes, Glaucoma
as well as sight difficulties, as part of our routine
examination both at the practice & at Home Visits.
The eyes inside & outside
For more information about the Eye and
Vision, or if you have any questions, please
contact us on 01207 590111.

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